Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mend it Rather Than Replace it

This is Action 032 in the book, Change the World for Ten Bucks.

I can't afford to get anything fixed. It's cheaper to chuck things in landfill than fix them.

The 'play' button just snapped off my jug. As I lifted the lid on the bin, milliseconds from dropping it in and jumping in the car to buy another poorly-made kettle destined to implode just after the warranty expires, I stopped myself. I thought, 'I'll ask Mike.'

Mike's been pulling stuff apart since he was a kid. (And actually putting it back together.) He unscrewed a few things, poked around, told me I needed glue. So I glued it. And it works.

Less landfill. Fewer resources. Money saved. Warm, fuzzy feeling. Praying it stays stuck.

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