Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do the TED Shuffle

TED's not the coolest name ever. I once had a dog called Ted. He died. Poor dude. But over at they're doing the coolest stuff ever. (FYI, this is not my dead dog's website.)

The TED conference happens every year in California. A whole bunch of amazing people from Bono to Richard Branson to folks you've never heard of from the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design are asked to give the talk of their lives. Max time 18 minutes.

The sessions are online at and you find the wildest stuff there. Talks on Creativity, Happiness, Crow-operated Vending Machines, Second Life, Rethinking Poverty, SkyCars and Sliced Bread.

Spend five minutes downloading something cool (video or audio). It'll change you.

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